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Basic Bundle - US $29.99
Basic Android bundle, including all of our 'feature' add-ons - OCR, flashcards, stroke order, reader, enhanced handwriting, audio - plus an English-Chinese dictionary to improve English search results.
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Professional Bundle - US $59.99
More advanced Android bundle, with all of the items from the Basic bundle plus 5 more add-on dictionaries (including a much larger Chinese-English and a Chinese-Chinese).
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Optical Character Recognizer - US $9.99
Live character recognition system, allowing you to instantly look up Chinese characters and words simply by pointing your phone's camera on them.
Flashcard System - US $9.99
Expanded version of the built-in flashcard system, with support for multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blanks tests, spaced repetition testing, and more.
Stroke Order Diagrams - US $4.99
Animations showing the correct stroke order for approximately 20,000 Chinese characters.

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